Get Involved

Our work is based on five key principles:

  1. Housing – Providing housing opportunities for all
  2. Ownership – Protecting property owners and encouraging homeownership
  3. Means – Ensuring economic, community, and family vitality
  4. Environment – Preserving our local environment
  5. Member Driven Decisions

Member Driven Decisions

All of our policy and election decisions are member driven. You can be a part of this process through one of these committees:

  • REALTORS® Political Action Committee (RPAC): RPAC has been working to advance the American Dream of property ownership. Supports Tax Relief, Flood Insurance, and Housing Finance Reform.
  • Governmental Affairs: Focuses on real estate-related issues and concerns that pertain to our market area.
  • RPAC Trustees: Handles political and election activities on behalf of LRAOR. Meets with Candidates who are running for election at a local level in the city, county and state offices. They make recommendations to support or oppose candidates for election based on issue related campaigns. This committee serves by appointment of the LRAOR Leadership team.