West Lafayette

Home of highly regarded Purdue University’s flagship campus, the city of West Lafayette embodies the spirit of a Big 10 college town. It also features an international flavor thanks to its allure to academics, students, and educators from all over the world. But it’s not just the university that’s top-notch: West Lafayette’s school system is the highest-rated in Tippecanoe County, making it a draw for parents looking for a place to raise their families. Its 99,000 residents — nearly a third of whom are connected in some way to the university — enjoy West Lafayette’s combination of quintessential Midwest charm, cultural sophistication, and diversity. Formed in 1888 by a merger of three adjacent suburban towns, it became home to Purdue in 1869.

This comfortable community offers a wide range of housing options suited for almost anyone, from students to families to seniors. Quiet residential neighborhoods dotted by open space and parks are plentiful, but neighboring Lafayette is just across the river for those who desire an entertaining evening out. Housing inventory leans toward single-family homes and multifamily units, with fewer condominiums and a slightly higher average sales price than neighboring Lafayette.