Managing Broker

Brokers Benefit at LRAOR

Give your team the edge they need in the market. As a member of the Lafayette Regional Association of REALTORS®, you will have access to cutting-edge technology, robust data, and a strong network of over 550 REALTOR members and 80 Affiliate members to help you grow.

LRAOR is a proud Founding Member and shareholder of the Indiana Regional MLS (IRMLS). By being a Member of LRAOR you can become a member of IRMLS that provides MLS coverage in over 50 counties in Indiana, and extends into portions on Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, and Kentucky. IRMLS represents more than 7,000 licensed agents.

Our member brokerages represent all areas of real estate from residential, business/commercial/industrial, farm & land, and multi-family.

We’re committed to helping brokers succeed. It’s why we arm our members with the data, tools, education, and network they need to nurture their careers and shape the market.

Additional Membership Information

The principals of a real estate firm must first join a REALTOR® association before any non-principal can join. Principals are defined as: sole proprietors; partners in a partnership; corporate officers or majority shareholders of a corporation; or branch office managers acting on behalf of the principal.

Once the principal(s) decide to join the REALTOR® association, then all agents, brokers and appraisers that are licensed or affiliated with him or her have the option of also joining as members of the association.

Each REALTOR® Firm has a "Managing Broker" licensed by the State of Indiana who represents the firm/branch office. If any agent or appraiser affiliated with the firm choose not to be a LRAOR REALTOR® Member, the DR must provide a waiver of membership certifying the agent is affiliated under their license with another Association/MLS in good standing.

If any principal who otherwise qualifies for REALTOR® membership decides not to join the REALTOR® association, then none of the individuals affiliated with the firm can be REALTOR® members of the association.

The principal(s) have what is called "board of choice," which means he or she can decide which REALTOR® association(s) in the state where the office is located (or contiguous to that state) to join.

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