Code of Ethics

While the Code of Ethics establishes objective, enforceable ethical standards governing the professional conduct of Realtors®, Pathways to Professionalism is a list of professional courtesies for use by Realtors® on a voluntary basis. The Lafayette Regional Association of Realtors, Inc. whenever possible, we try to educate and advise Realtor® members before a potential problem spins out of control. Staff is available to answer general real estate questions, advise on good business practices, or simply to lend another perspective to your situation. If a problem cannot be resolved informally, there is a complaint process for educating and disciplining members who are found in violation of rules.

The Grievance Process

Disputes occur even with the help of a Realtor. And experience tells us that misunderstanding is most often the reason. Someone either did not communicate or did not communicate well enough. Talk with your Realtor and/or their Managing Broker. Open, constructive discussion usually resolves the matter and eliminates further action. But not always.

If you feel your Realtor and/or their Managing Broker failed to act according to the Code of Ethics, we can help. Here are the steps to our grievance process, which is for both clients and fellow Realtors. You must file a complaint within 180 days from the time you knew or reasonably should have known that potentially unethical conduct took place.

  1. Is your broker a Realtor?
    • If yes, proceed to #2.
    • If no, contact the Office of the Indiana Attorney General.
  2. Talk with your Realtor or their Managing Broker.
  3. File a complaint with the Lafayette Regional Association of Realtors. Please contact Ashton Anker at [email protected] to obtain the appropriate documentation.

For more information, please visit NAR to learn about professional standards, the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice, or for a detailed description of the grievance process.