Strategic Initiatives

For 2017, the Lafayette Regional Association of Realtors® is focused on six strategic initiatives.

1. Integrity and ethical development
The Code of Ethics provides a foundation of the highest standards for REALTOR members. LRAOR will deliver programming to meet the needs of our diverse membership. Such education will be delivered in a timely and korean mail order brides professional manner and validated on a regular basis.

2. Advocacy
In alignment with the National Association of Realtors’ commitment to advocacy, LRAOR will work to achieve public policy that supports a healthy real estate market in the LRAOR area. This will be accomplished through grassroots efforts, political involvement, governmental affairs, economic development, and smart growth.

LRAOR will also grow the Realtor PAC (RPAC) through local-level messaging, supporting legislation that protects private property rights, and fundraising.

3. Consumer Outreach Involvement
LRAOR will seek to improve the quality of life and promote the value of Realtors through public policy. In communications that involve leadership, membership, staff, media, and the community, LRAOR will strive to be the “Voice of Real Estate.” It will also continue and extend its involvement in community projects and investments.

4. MLS and Technology
LBOR in conjunction with the Indiana Regional MLS, LLC will provide tools and technology to its members that meet or exceed public demands and enhance the experience for the consumer, while allowing Realtors to remain relevant to consumers. In conjunction with the Indiana Regional MLS, LLC as a shareholding partner, LBOR will continue to protect the usage of MLS data by members and third parties. Finally, it will invest in expanded operational technologies for members.

5. Membership
LRAOR will increase the value of membership on an ongoing basis by providing education, information, advocacy, and products. In addition, it will:
• Implement additional education korean mail order brides and development for staff to better serve Realtor members.
• Create robust, open channels of communication for Realtor members to readily engage, respond, and participate.
• Develop a member website that clearly demonstrates the benefits of membership.
• Develop leadership opportunities locally to improve the association, community and industry.

6. Transparency
LRAOR will implement policy that promotes transparency and creates an environment of clear, open communication between the LRAOR Board of Directors, staff, and the members of LRAOR.